The 3 Most Overused Concepts on 70s Fancy Dress

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Published: 18th November 2010
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The three most unoriginal ideas for 70s fancy dress parties are without a doubt the following:

Starsky and Hutch
Some random 70s disco dancing glittery fool

These three 70s costume ideas have been tried and tested and enjoyed by so many fancy dress party-goers now that when someone turns up to enjoy an evening of look-a-likes with friends and family, the hearts of everyone sink if someone has chosen to come along as Abba, Starsky and Hutch or some random 70s disco dancing glittery fool.

The problem with these 70s costumes is that they have been worn by so many that it seems as though no effort has been made on the part of the fancy dress attendee. If you want to look like someone who hasn't made the fancy dress effort at a 70s throw-back party, then coming dressed as Abba, Starsky and Hutch or the random 70s disco dancing glittery fool, is a sure fire way of cleanly hitting that nail on its head.

Abba, even if you decide to come dressed as only one of the four on your own, really has to be an example of the most unoriginal 70s fancy dress costume idea that exists. There has been such huge hype surrounding the 70s European four, thanks to Broadway and West End musicals and Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep in the Hollywood film version, that anyone seen dressed as Abba today is really scraping at the bottom of the barrel.

The second most unoriginal 70s costume idea is probably that random figure who just happens to be wearing a medallion, a cat-suit with ugly flairs and a huge afro wig. The person who turns up to a fancy dress party in an outfit like this one is truly lacking in creativity. This costume idea isn't even a real person from the 70s. It's a 70s themed costume that only manages to pay remembrance to a very particular section of 70s society and night-life looks. Avoid this costume idea at all costs if you are looking to impress.

Finally, coming dressed to a 70s as either Starsky or Hutch is just an example of someone who has been sadly sucked into the revival of the popular 70s TV Drama thanks to the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson remake that came out of Hollywood a few years ago.

The film was actually quite good, but the Starsky and Hutch look was never a flattering one, nor a particularly cool look either. Stay well clear of this fancy dress idea if you want to show up to the 70s party of the century in style.

Instead of falling back on the basic and boring Abba, Starsky and Hutch and random, disco dancing nobody, why not get a little more creative with the 70s costume ideas?

Try the following ideas that are less common and a lot funkier:

Alice Cooper - you could have great fun with the make up for this fancy dress
Bruce Springsteen - a real hunkster in his day if you are looking to strike gold with the ladies at the party
Jimi Hendrix - hair, hair and more hair
Jane Fonda - one of the best ways of looking sexy at a 70s costume party
Cher - in the 70s had some awesome outfits that you could have a lot of fun with
Jackie Kennedy - get political with the US' first lady

The above ideas are not exhaustive, but they are by far much more interesting and creative than the normal fair of flairs, long hair and glitter. The 70s has so much more to offer and there are plenty of 70s costume stores and agencies out there that would be able to confirm that too.

Get searching!

Ava Hudson writes on 70s fancy dress for parties and celebrations

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